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Sustainable Design

Landau/Harding has long recognized that sustainable design supports our call to be good stewards of the environment and the congregation’s resources. Effective sustainable design is about doing a lot of little things right. Simply adding a few expensive high tech features to an otherwise standard building will drastically increase construction costs without significant real benefit to the environment. Landau/Harding identifies sustainable approaches that provide meaningful benefits within a reasonable payback period. Ideas such as additional insulation provide long term annual savings for a modest initial investment. Landau/Harding has developed strategies for religious buildings with an energy savings payback of 8 to 10 years for a modest premium in construction cost. Over the extended life of a Synagogue, the savings in energy and operation costs beyond the initial payback period are enormous. This approach is most appropriate to a Synagogue where a congregation will occupy the building for generations. Our current work includes multiple LEED rated projects including the LEED Certified Mumford Hall Dormitory for the Salvation Army and a LEED Silver Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House.