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Beth El Temple / West Hartford, Connecticut

A large Conservative Congregation in a 50 year old structure that was dated and inflexible. Many of today’s programmatic needs were not being met including an intimate sanctuary, flexible space for new programs and events, energy and system inadequacies and handicapped and other code deficiencies. 40,000 sf of new and renovated space is Master Planned in a multi-phase project to be implemented as priorities and funding allow. Based on these economic and functional priorities the Phases of this project were flipped 180 degrees creating an updated sanctuary, sanctuary expansion, enlarged public foyer and multi-purpose space in the First Phase of construction.

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    Key Information

  • Existing building built in 3 Phases with poor adjacencies and circulation
  • Large, dated and dark Sanctuary, out of scale for all but the High Holidays services
  • Master Plan allowed dramatically altered Phasing and implemention based on economics and priorities