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Temple Torat Yisreal / E. Greenwich, Rhode Island

A 300 family congregation is moving from an older building in a suburban Providence location to a growing Jewish community. Sustainable, Green and Environmental issues informed the design process. A LEAF, emulating one of the 6 fruit trees of the biblical land of Israel is the literal Green Machine. Energy is gathered from the South facing solar roof panels and transmitted through the stem which also serves to circulate all the mechanical systems, and incorporates the Ark as the religious core and conduit. The beautiful and protected wetlands to the East provided an exceptional sanctuary background enhancing this natural theme.

Project Location

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    Key Information

  • Usage of on Site materials, including stone and a large uprooted Beech tree
  • Leaf motif functioning as a synthesizer for solar energy gathering and utility circulation and Ark
  • Full exposure and surrounding to the natural Eastern setting