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Congregation Beth Israel

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Congregation Beth Israel is one of the oldest congregations in Western Washington. It has served the Jewish community of Bellingham and the surrounding Northwest region since established in 1908. The congregation purchased a 14 acre site along what will become a major arterial road connecting new
residential areas. Sustainable and Green design driven by regional and environmental concerns, along with traditional synagogue requirements, history and economics have had major influences on the design.

E. Arthur Davenport House Restoration

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The Davenport House is an early Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style design built in 1901. The street facade and roof form were significantly altered and an original front terrace removed in 1931. The interior has undergone modest changes with each new owner, yet the original fabric of the interior is intact, covered by layers of new finishes. Harding Partners is restoring the house with maximum fidelity to the original 1901 design and to receive a LEED Silver rating. The original facade condition and roof are being reconstructed, including a front terrace off the living room and prairie style landscaping, to achieve the essential Frank Lloyd Wright quality of melding the interior and exterior space. The interior woodwork, cabinetry and sand-textured plaster are being restored to the original finish materials and color scheme. The kitchen and bathroom are being gutted and renovated to visually fit the period and the house, while functioning as contemporary rooms. The furnishings will be reproductions of Wright-designed pieces and custom area rugs patterned to echo the geometric art glass windows, creating a characteristically integrated whole.

Temple Torat Yisreal

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

A 300 family congregation is moving from an older building in a suburban Providence location to a growing Jewish community. Sustainable, Green and Environmental issues informed the design process. A LEAF, emulating one of the 6 fruit trees of the biblical land of Israel is the literal Green Machine. Energy is gathered from the South facing solar roof panels and transmitted through the stem which also serves to circulate all the mechanical systems, and incorporates the Ark as the religious core and conduit. The beautiful and protected wetlands to the East provided an exceptional sanctuary background enhancing this natural theme.

Mumford Hall – Salvation Army College for Officer Training

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The project was to renovate and expand an existing resident hall on The Salvation Army College for Officer Training campus. Key considerations were the client’s modest budget and stringent construction schedule. The program included modernizing all apartment units, making the building fully accessible, and developing the dining area to accommodate large groups of cadets, their families and guests. Large, north-facing windows connect the Dining Hall to the courtyard while maximizing natural light and contributing to an overall sustainable strategy. The design effort also focused on enhancing the cadets’ quality of life by making each apartment practical and aesthetically pleasing. Selected units were made fully accessible, and all units featured new kitchens, bathrooms, and study areas. Walls, floors, and ceilings were refurbished throughout the building. Mechanical and plumbing systems were completely replaced. This project is currently under construction and is on track for LEED Certification. The project utilizes common sense sustainable practices that provide a short-term payback period and long-term operational cost savings.